09/15/19 19:47:31


Jesus is the model for our ministry

During His earthly life Jesus made healing, a central part of his ministry. He cured people of all kinds of diseases, even death itself, sometimes by simply touching a person and speaking a word. When Jesus sent His disciples out into the world (Mark 6:7) they were given three tasks: preaching, teaching and healing. In the 2,000 years since then, Christians have been closely involved with health, healing and wholeness. There is an impressive tradition of Christian engagement in health ministry upon which to establish a vision for the 21st century.

Many people have accepted the secularist approach which prioritises science over faith particularly in matters of medicine and health. The integrated model to preaching, teaching and healing that Jesus practiced is viewed with suspicion in 21st-century medical practice. However the Church in particular must resist being squeezed out by the forces of health specialisation and commercialism. Health and healing is much more than the business of doctors, nurses and health professionals and ever increasing technology. The health ministry offers 21st-century believers an opportunity to witness to ‘wholeness’ – the healing ministry offers a visible, practical and necessary witness to our faith to a world scrambling around for solutions to ever-spiralling health care costs