09/15/19 19:40:35

Dialysis Centre

Meaning of Dialysis

"Dialysis is meant to sustain life in chronic cases where the kidneys shut down

Necessity of free Dialysis centre

Societies ravaged by poverty and community breakdown because of the Kidney disease. Such communities need a reliable, sustainable health services. It is very difficult to do this without an institutional base. A small hospital or a dialysis centre is an essential anchor in these communities – a place of stability from which the essential community-based health and development work can be sustained and supported

The Apostolic Christian Fellowship will seek to be a significant participant in the delivery of faith-based, integrated, high quality health care as close to the family as possible, giving priority to poor and marginalised members of society. The Apostolic Christian Fellowship is planning to offer a free dialysis programme for the kidney disease and the kidney failure patients. Achieving this vision we will require a monetary support from the individuals, organization and corporators. This will provide them a quality heath care and can make a huge difference in the lives of people experiencing these issues. So we are expecting your valuable contribution for this life saving project,

However, we must admit that it is very difficult to envision a future for many large, multi-speciality general hospitals. A few may survive with significant government funding but we cannot see this being a sustainable approach for most territories. However, we do believe that our faithful ministry in this programme can be integrated into a continuous chain of care from home to hospital and back..